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Al Jandaweel 3 

Live the luxury urban lifestyle you crave!

Located in the lively and strategic area of Al-Jandaweel, have easy access from three streets, two of them are 15 meters width, and the third is a three(3) meter wide. It also has the advantage of facing the spacious Al-Wehdeh Park. The Building consists of 12 Apartments (3 on each floor, 80, 110, and 150 m2), except for the Ground Floor which has one 235 m2 (Duplex) and two 150 m2 (Duplex);

The building has the following dazzling specifications:

1) External wall thickness 42 cm (Double Wall);
2) Spanish porcelain flooring;
3) Omani marble inner stairs;
4) Ceramic wooden floors for bedrooms and bathrooms;
5) Special Aluminum windows;
6) Hanging bathroom sets;
7) Installed shower box;
8) Rain shower head systems;
9) Heating system and kitchen on central gas;
10) AVE Italian electricity system;
11) LED lighting spots;
12) Gypsum board ceiling for the entire apartment;
13) Decorative ceilings in all rooms;
14) “Autoshinto” paint in addition to crystal paints;
15) Almond veneer doors;

16) Master control system for shutters;
17) Master control card for lighting;
18) Intercom screens with camera's (Spanish system);
19) Protection Camera System for the Building with the possibility of watching live broadcast from within the apartment;
20) Entrance to the Building/Elevator/Garage Service Doors by Access Code system for protection;
21) Central Satellite System for all apartments;
22) Established air conditioners outlets (Electricity/Water Drain);
23) 2 water tanks with easy press pumps and power floats for each apartment;
24) Solar water heating system (Greek);
25) Storage room for each apartment;
26) Wooden decor inside the elevator;
And many more extraordinary features and specifications.

Our commitment to superior quality is what makes us provide one (1) year warranty on all of our apartments and a three (3) years after sale service.